Friday, February 1, 2008

Hello everyone. Thank you for Thursday night. I arrived just as the images were beginning. There were some really good ones and some not really good ones. Here is the bit that I showed. It lasts about 2 1/2 minutes. They are "painted" on the computer, mostly in photoshop.

About next week - if I were you, I would plan on making four cradled panels. That is a nice number of panels to have ready to use. If you're uncertain of size or what you want to do then maybe you just want to make one for now. All you need for this week is the cradle wood but you need to bring the panels so you cut the cradles to the proper size. I would suggest pine or poplar for the cradle wood - the size called 1"x2" (which isn't really 1"x2"). Call or email me if you are having trouble thinking about this.

Also, bring a panel or two (used or not) to work on. Alix brought up stencils so I'll do a demo of the use of stencils, metal leaf and ironing. Bring your irons if you have one. You can use mine if you don't have one. We'll have to take turns using the irons anyway so we don't blow a fuse.

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