Friday, March 14, 2008

Leslie Sobel's class + encaustic pen

Hi everyone. Caron (who was sick last night) sent this information about Leslie's encaustic class. I pass it on to you for your information and to pass on to friends.


Leslie Sobel

Saturday, June 28/ Sunday, June 29, 10am-4pm
Coffee and bagels at 9:30 - Potluck lunch at 12.

Those of us who enjoy working with clay can appreciate texture and
relief in other mediums. As clay is an ancient medium, so is Encaustic.
Until recently Encaustic has been all but forgotten and is now
undergoing a resurgence of popularity.
This is not a ceramic technique but one using the medium of pigment
and bees wax combined to create relief paintings on wood.
This two-day workshop will introduce students to working with
encaustic paint. Encaustic is paint mixed in a
Bees wax-base rather than acrylic or oil. It is worked hot with a
heated palette and a propane torch along with more traditional painting
tools. On day one Students will get an introduction to using a torch
for fusing the paint. We will utilize encaustic as a collage medium and
explore some of the many additive and subtractive techniques used with
this ancient medium.
The second day will build on the first, looking at a variety of
substrates, learning to build up more sculptural/textured surfaces and
working into the surface.
Students will come away from the workshop with an understanding of how
to prepare a surface for encaustic, how to make encaustic medium, a
grounding in using encaustic to paint and collage, studio safety, and
sources for materials.

The first day of this workshop is intended for people who have no
experience with encaustic. The second day
is open to those who have worked with encaustic before as well as a
continuation building on the first day.

Leslie Sobel has moved back and forth between the worlds of art and
technology for over 20 years. She is an artist well known for her
unusual use of encaustic combined with digital media.

Tuition: $95 two days/ $70 one day
Lab Fee: *$55 two days/ *$50 one day
*Your Lab Fee includes the cost of a propane torch for your keeping.

The encaustic painting pen that Michelle used can be found at Sinopia/Kremer.

I'll post the photos from last night and information about next week soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Results of Encaustic Class on March 6, 2008

Hello everyone. You don't have to bring anything you didn't have last week - just bring the panels with canvas attached and all your normal paraphernalia.

Here are the photos from last week. Are the first three mystery photos of your work Bill?

Alix "xox wide"
Alix "xox"
Bill "Melange"
Caron "Fido"
Kristine "The Path"
Jane "Orbits"
Kristine "A Door"
Alix "Fenced"
Alix "Dots"
Alix "Grid Scribble"

The End

Saturday, March 1, 2008

encaustic work from last, info for next

About the next class - we are on the correct schedule. The schedule we looked at in class last week was the first one, not the corrected one :-)

So, for March 6th -
- bring pieces of plexiglas to paint on. It doesn't matter if they're scratched.
I'll bring mylar to do monoprints or paint on.
- bring an unwaxed panel. We're going to glue canvas to this. It may be cradled or not
- bring 12 or 16 oz. canvas (heavy) big enough to cover the panel. You may want the canvas to go around the sides of the panel and onto the back or you may just want to cut the canvas and glue it to the front only - your choice.

We'll glue (PVA or the gel medium from Chris's list) the canvas on the panel so it will be ready to paint the following week. You may do more than one if you wish.

Feel free to email me with questions.

Here are the images from last week.

Kristine - Redux

Alix - Bug

Alix - Butterfly

Alix - Heart

Alix - Dots