Thursday, February 14, 2008

encaustic cradled panels - 21 February, 2008

Hello everyone. Happy Valentine's Day.

Here are some questions to go along with the photo from this beautiful place - Do the places you visit influence your art? Are you able to take inspiration from the beauty or the irony or the unfairness you come across? When you're back at home if you think about the significant times in your life, just before you put pencil to paper or brush to readied panel does it make a difference in what you draw/paint? I think these spectacular mountains are causing me to think of a bigger picture than I usually do so I find I'm asking myself these questions. I thought I'd pass them along to you.

About what to bring next Thursday -
- if you get there right on time or a bit early and you have your own belt clamp you can do, at most, 6 cradle/panels. So you could bring enough cradle pieces for six panels - that is 24 pieces. Most of you don't have that many so bring what you have.
- bring the panels to go with the cradles. We'll put each panel with its cradle together in one go.
- if you have Titebond glue bring it. If you don't have it you can use mine.
- belt clamp if you have it. Those who want to use mine will have to take turns. You have to leave the clamp on the cradle for half an hour before someone else can use it.
- tape measure if you have it

I'll bring the saw in case it's necessary to trim any pieces but I'll leave it in the car until it is needed.

Bring new or old panels to work on while glue is setting, plus regular encaustic bits.
Kristine, I'll bring PVA so you can glue your watercolor to a panel.

I'll do another demo of stencils. Everyone seemed to have some trouble with that. The demo may make more sense since you've tried applying stencils. I'll use some materials besides mylar.

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