Monday, January 21, 2008

Class update for January 24 -

Hello all. I am back safe and sound with boxes for Caron and Bill. I'll bring them Thursday. Hope your trip was good also Alix.

A reminder of what to bring besides the usual bits and pieces:
- your prints or whatever, trimmed to 1/4" (or so) larger than the panel on all sides
- your panels (2 painted with white acrylic - or not if you prefer))
- PVA or the gel medium on the materials list, if you have it

Also, if you have, please bring:
- newspapers. This is so you can create a bit of a cushion on which to place your print once it has been adhered to the panel. A couple of sections per panel should be enough.
- wax paper or freezer paper to place between the print and the newspaper
- a brayer or squeegee. I'll bring several. We can share this item.

We'll lay the mounted print face down on the pile of newspapers and set a weight on top of it. We'll do this at the beginning of the class. It should be quite well adhered by the time you leave. I wouldn't call it dry until the next day.

You will need a third panel for the collage. This can be one you have already begun or a new one. If it's a new one you will have to build up some wax layers. You can collage almost anything in wax. If the inclusions are delicate and flammable we'll mount them with cold wax (Dorland's) then coat with encaustic and torch. Inclusions can be 3D or 2D. The thicker they are, the more wax you will have to build up to include them.

be well, see you all Thursday :-)

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