Saturday, March 1, 2008

encaustic work from last, info for next

About the next class - we are on the correct schedule. The schedule we looked at in class last week was the first one, not the corrected one :-)

So, for March 6th -
- bring pieces of plexiglas to paint on. It doesn't matter if they're scratched.
I'll bring mylar to do monoprints or paint on.
- bring an unwaxed panel. We're going to glue canvas to this. It may be cradled or not
- bring 12 or 16 oz. canvas (heavy) big enough to cover the panel. You may want the canvas to go around the sides of the panel and onto the back or you may just want to cut the canvas and glue it to the front only - your choice.

We'll glue (PVA or the gel medium from Chris's list) the canvas on the panel so it will be ready to paint the following week. You may do more than one if you wish.

Feel free to email me with questions.

Here are the images from last week.

Kristine - Redux

Alix - Bug

Alix - Butterfly

Alix - Heart

Alix - Dots

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